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Donations are welcome, and all proceeds directly benefit Cancer Support Community North Texas, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.
RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND WAIVER AGREEMENT: In consideration of my entry, if for myself, my executors, heirs, administrators, and assigns, I DO HEREBY RELEASE AND DISCHARGE ANY AND ALL SPONSORS, ORGANIZERS OR BENEFICIARIES, INCLUDING THEIR EMPLOYEES, VOLUNTEERS AND AGENTS, (THE “RELEASED PARTIES”) FROM ALL CLAIMS, DAMAGES, CAUSES OF SUIT OR ACTION OF WHATSOEVER KIND IN ANY MANNER ARISING OUT OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THE RUN BIG RACE AND EVENT AND FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF ANY OF THE RELEASED PARTIES. I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in the race and event, that I assume those risks, that I will assume and pay my own medical and emergency expenses in the event of an accident, illness or other incapacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses, and that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in this race and event. I ALSO ATTEST AND VERIFY THAT I HAVE FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE RISKS INVOLVED IN THE RACE AND EVENT AND THAT I ASSUME THOSE RISKS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, HEATSTROKE, DEHYDRATION, INJURY AND ACCIDENT THAT MAY BE CAUSED BY CONTACT WITH OTHER PARTICIPANTS OR EVENT STAFF.
I acknowledge that I (a) have read this waiver and release agreement, (b) fully understand its terms and understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it and (c) sign it freely without any inducement whatsoever.
I release my rights to any and all photographic material and computer information to RUN BIG and understand all entries are final with no refunds. I have read the foregoing and certify my agreement by my consent or my parents or guardian, if under 18.
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